My highest excitement is to walk with others on the path of freedom, fullness and joy.  My commitment is that those I walk with will have no regrets at the end of their lives in all the things that most matter to them.

If we have children, it is our duty to be this.

If we are in a position of leadership in business or community, it is or duty to be this.

For some of you however who have dedicated yourselves to this path and enjoyed your various successes and fulfillments, there comes a time when you hit into your own ceiling.

Symptoms of having hit the ceiling are

  • boredom
  • feeling like you’re living at 50% of your capacity, or less
  • results plateau’ing
  • things not flowing as they used to
  • observing that you are in ‘maintenance’ rather than creation mode
  • feeling like you are in a ‘holding pattern’
  • feeling burdened by responsibility
  • feeling intolerant and impatient
  • choices made by you and significant others in biz & home that feel out of integrity
  • giving your power away to others or to a model that is out of alignment
  • feeling off balance and ‘average’
  • the arrival of ‘need’
  • exhaustion
  • being dishonestly ‘agreeable’
  • feeling dissatisfied with feeling ‘satisfied’ with who you are and what is in your life today
  • and recently you may have also noticed a curiosity and a feeling to open and explore again

You are not the person you were when you first walked the path, let alone the person you were a few months ago.

There comes a time in the creative cycle when innovation seeks you.  What you are doing and how you are doing it no longer fill your cup as it once did.

The wonder and awe that you regularly experienced are amiss and ‘satisfaction’ has taken their place.

Only the fool however would define expansion though the measure of ‘satisfaction’.

I don’t believe that we have come to earth to have a ‘satisfying’ experience, not only in terms of our own personal experience, but for all the consequences of that assumption.

I also don’t believe that we have come to earth to be bigger, better, more in order to reconcile our belief systems that assume we are the opposite of that.

You did not come here to be satiated with ‘a’ level of leadership, of service, of purpose, of joy, of freedom, of creative fulfilment. 

You came here to know yourself as an infinite expression of God in human form.

You are an infinite expression of God in human form.

And it gives me joy to remind you of that.

I know that there are many people who have experienced great, creative wealth who have lost their flow and the powerful creative impulse of desire.

Just in case this is you too, perhaps naming it as ‘hitting a ceiling’ puts it all into perspective.

Perhaps naming it here also comes at the most immaculate timing and circumstances of your life.

Perhaps reading this here is your permission slip to fill your cup and adventure again.

Because perhaps innovation is seeking you too.

I have changed things up, and re-branded the former Soul Family Mastermind to the Beyond the Ceiling Mastermind with this re-invented purpose of moving beyond the ceiling, inside and out. I am also offering a 2 month and 4 month Beyond the Ceiling program, recognising that people need different things. And of course I am open to other forms like team facilitation, if that is what’s being called.

If you would like to explore working together to move beyond your own ceiling, please complete the form here and I will be in touch to organise a call with you. 




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