Are you FREE to choose the choices that you think you’ve chosen…….or……are you powerless to a system, your partner, health issues, alcohol, money, failure and who you believe you have to be and what you believe you have to do?

One of the main reasons why people remain stuck, why they swing from success to failure, joy to disappointment, self-acceptance to disapproval, pride to shame and calm to rage is because they do not have the PERSONAL FREEDOM to make the choices they think they’ve made.

And when they are not free, they haven’t UNEQUIVOCALLY AND EMPHATICALLY made that choice they thought they’d made and stuff therefore happens. Work is hard. Health is erratic. Relationships are stressed. And ultimately you are unreliable.

What happens then?

The vision gets dropped. ‘Safer’ choices are made.

You convince yourself that these ‘safer’ choices are good. Until you see that you didn’t love and trust yourself when you made those ‘safer’ choices and then disappointment, disapproval, shame and rage are in the house.

Watch Ioana Lennox’s inspirational story to see what shifted her into the quantum results she experienced effortlessly.

When I came across Gisele’s page, it was random and by accident. I hadn’t met her, but knew somewhere inside that I was to work with her.

18 months ago, I was the shell of a person who I thought I really could be. I had no way to see how to get there, and was on the hard work highway trying to achieve my way to finally be that great person I knew I was. Instead I was broke, on anti-depressants, working huge hours, with three young kids at home that I rarely got to see, fighting often with my husband. My life was closing in on me like a tiny box, without any room to move, I was scared to breathe, and scared to let anyone else around me breathe.

Within 8 weeks of coaching with her, I claimed back my value and my salary and position increased at my current work which immediately covered her fees. I was head-hunted by a company that was voted Australia’s best place to work, and turned down their offer to take up a senior role.

Within 1 year, my work sent me around the world to every continent, I built a team, and was offered more responsibility which I gladly created… because I knew how capable I was, and how valuable that was. I was finally experiencing the freedom that I had so craved, and with that, gone with the anti-depressants. When the core issue is solved, there are no symptoms to treat.

Within 6 months I was able to create a property strategy that was right under my nose all along, but couldn’t see the idea with my attachments to old ways of thinking. I was blocking myself.

Now, 18 months later I have established my own business, and have created more money in it’s first month of operating that I ever earned in a salaried job. All with being able to create my own schedule that suits me and my family. The property development is now fully designed and the DA lodged with the local council, once it is built, we would have created 2 million dollars.

Because of my choice to step into my value and create what I would love, I have inspired those around me to live with the same freedom and same invitation to step into their value and to stop messing around playing small. My husband has created his own business borne from his own passions, and he is starting to get his work lined up for the rest of the year.

Together we are about to talk to investors to launch another business, that I know will create massive revenue. Again, this business idea came to us because we no longer had attachment to old thinking and could see a new opportunity when it presented it, without quickly ushering it away. The investors are flocking to us because they can see the value that we have stepped in to and want to be a part of it.

My relationship with my husband has been recreated so we allow each other to expand in our own value and support each other along the way. Our kids are thriving and have grown their confidence too.

Working with Gisele was like meeting my soul sister, and best friend. She works with so much integrity and presence, her commitment to her clients is second to none. I would never look at working with another coach, she has lovingly guided me to seeing my own value, and has never faltered in her support.

For whatever reason you have found yourself on this site, if you feel in your body that this is for you, I hope that you give yourself permission to that which you would love. Life is not meant for anything less.

Meg Barbic

Mentor, Creative Thinking

I started coaching with Gisele to re-find my fierceness that had got lost a long the way. I was much in need of reconnecting with my power, my voice, my authenticity and really desiring to step up to the next level in my life and in my business.

I was very frustrated in my business, not always enjoying the work I was doing and locked into a business structure that was bleeding the joy out of my life. Because of this I was reluctant to take on more clients!

In a 2 month period, I had a complete transformation in my being. Gisele’s coaching facilitation required me to step up to the plate and dig deep, work through my resistance to expressing my real power and really perfect the art of deep listening to really KNOW who I am called to serve, in what framework and for what particular transformation. This brought the joy screaming back into my business because I could finally see why I was doing it!

I am in the process of re-building my business in the way that brings me the most amount of joy whilst facilitating powerful transformation for my clients. If you finally want to stop burning through coaches and really want to step up into the fullest version of the person you were born to be, then look no further.

The best money I have spent on coaching bar none (and it’s been a lot)! I now know what ahead of me will be effortless manifestation of clients (this has already been experienced despite my go-slow on client work) because I know who I am, I know who I am for and I know the people who will value my value. Sales are effortless in this framework.

Thank you Gisele! You’re in a league of your own.



There is so much I feel to say to you – so much gratitude and love. You have helped me see myself again and this has allowed me to see my power. As you will recall, the moment you presented the premise to me that we are 100% responsible for everything – that EVERYTHING in my life is a choice I have made on some level, a switch went off inside of me and the sense of defeat I had felt for such a long time disappeared.

The day I first coached with you our home loan application was rejected, I was lost, my husband was living and working in Sydney, I was doing what I did not enjoy and earning a very measly hourly rate for the privilege.

These were my 3 goals when I met you and at that moment I wrote them down they seemed TOO BIG and I felt SO small:

Get clarity on what it is I am here to do and create/start creating this reality.

Purchase a block of land, raise the deposit of $20,000 and secure a loan to commence construction of our family home.

Get healthy – physically and mentally. This includes letting go of my fear and anxiety, losing weight, exercising, getting strong and learning to love myself (again).

You have allowed me to make all this a reality and so much more. You helped my husband find himself again, you shared in our wins and ‘held’ me when I needed it the very most. Your generosity on every level, whilst it initially made me feel uncomfortable, was mind blowing to me – it allowed me to see myself as worthy of so much more than I had allowed.

You have changed the course of my life Gisele Gambi and the course of my family’s lives. And I know you will say it was all me and this is what I have chosen but, without you I would never have ‘seen’ all this. You are an incredible human being who is doing EXACTLY what you are here to do and you have shown me how I want to live my own life and that that life can be EPIC.

Most of all Gisele, you have created a space for me to fall in love with all of myself again unconditionally – to accept and love EVERY bit of me – to honor and support myself. That is an incredible gift Gisele.

I feel so honoured to have shared this journey with you and I expect it is not the end of the road for us. In any case, I feel blessed to now consider you a very dear friend. Thank you just isn’t enough..but from my soul to yours – I am eternally grateful my Love.



Gisele I just want to say, I had to ring you and say thank you. I am just so full of gratitude to you for the clarity yesterday….it’s just been immense….I am just so different and incredibly grateful. I have coaching clients already coming along who are in perfect alignment with what we discussed yesterday and I’m not putting up with the stuff that I was doing to myself….I’m just not falling for the idea that I’m anything less than who I am. And my gosh the words that are coming out of my mouth as I’m talking to someone…. I’m recording them and I will have them as the words that I use on my website. Gisele thank you. I’m just so incredibly grateful. I love you.


Facilitator, Coach

Transformation. That’s what happened to me having Gisele as my coach.

In December 2013, Gisele and I had a conversation that prompted me signing up with her. For years I’d felt uninspired, stalled, lost and, frankly, self-destructive.

During our first meeting, she challenged me to speak out loud what it was that I truly would LOVE. “Vision like there are no limits” she teased me. I did: I envisioned my two great loves as one: a design and education facility where I would teach what I do. Foolish vision, I thought: I ‘should’ pick just one. “Why only one?” she challenged me. “What makes you think you can’t be that powerful to have both?”

So I went there – trialling, exploring, teasing my way out of almost 12 years of contract work – even playing with that word “contract” – once I understood what I had been doing for the 12 years – ‘contracting’ (say that word out loud) – yes I had chosen to shrink into insignificance.

Further sessions with her she kept at me “Why are you playing so small? You’ve already started your vision and you’re not seeing it.” What was she talking about? I was in a co-working space! I started working! “No. You’re stalling.”

WTF? Stalling? So I went there and went beneath what I had chosen only to see that, indeed, I was hiding in a familiar pattern. I made a choice: I committed. Committed to something that scared the bejesus out of me: committed to finding my own office – an office that I would somehow sign a lease on, fit-out myself and move into to set up my business: a design agency that is also a school.

So I found the place – it was enormous (for me, it was!) I had used all my paltry savings on the bond and first month’s rent and then I freaked out about the thing that I always freaked out about and had always, somehow, eluded me, regardless of how much I was earning: money.

Working even more with Gisele, I realised that I had such a negative and abusive relationship with money – and the concept of abundance – that of course I was going to make sure that dirty thing called money would not be part of my life. Fast forward to 2 weeks before I moved into my new office. I had to pay the builder for a fitout, pay for office furniture, pay, pay, pay and not a single cent to pay with.

“How much do you trust yourself? What is it you would truly love RIGHT NOW?” I suggested to Gisele that what I would love right now is the money to pay for everything that was looming. What happened IMMEDIATELY after our call? I received my first training project that was valued at exactly what I had to pay out. True story.

And this happened again and again: a freaked out call about the absence of money and, when working with her, she helped me see that it was me who blocked the flow of money – then it would come in as I needed it to.

From that day on. I understood what she’d been trying to get through to me: that I am 100% responsible for my life, I choose the outcomes I would love and, with the responsibility I choose, I create the whole of my reality with love and wisdom. Always.

18 months after I moved into my first office, I now have two distinct, healthy businesses and a small shareholding in a new one.

At my design agency, Velvet Onion, we’re now 10 people and we’re “Improving Life Through Design”. At Academy Xi, we’re now 6 people (soon to grow) and we’re “Changing the World” with education. At ACME Virtual, we’re a new-born with some serious talent playing in virtual and augmented realities and we’re “Creating Reality”.

That’s what life is like working with Gisele. I get to Create my own reality as I love it.

Transformation. That’s what happened to me by having Gisele as my coach. With love, I wish you the positive Transformation you’re seeking. You’re worth it.

Charbel Zeaiter

Velvet Onion, Academy Xi, ACME Virtual

I began working with Gisele under a false pretence. I thought there was something broken so I approached her to help me fix it. It did not take long for me to see that was the reason I had given myself to find her and that my world would turn inside out.

I knew that what I brought, is how much I stood to gain. Gisele has a gift of seeing beyond the façade, holding in unconditional love, hearing beyond words and connecting to an incredible intuition.

As I was held in reverence and reminded of my worth, I began to reconnect to and know my inner truth. I sourced a voice I forgot I possessed and a power I had suppressed.

And as I started to live my inner truth, my external world began to change. My desire, drive and inspiration for creative writing returned. Animosity was resolved by a shift in perception. I regained professional confidence and started to stand in my leadership and recognise and develop my niche. The more I learn to see, the more effortlessly it appears in my world.

I have become connected with others on the same journey whose presence was no coincidence and from whom I have gained great insight.

I have felt afraid, challenged and exhausted at times but not as often as I have felt elated, experienced breakthroughs and been in awe.

This is only the beginning of my journey. I consider myself a toddler masterminder. As I fine tune my intuition and continue to integrate my learning into life I feel limitless, and that my power to create is boundless.”


Doctor of Medicine

I couldn’t be more thrilled to provide a testimonial following my 12 month Mastermind Program with Gisele. I should say, the first of my 12 month programs with Gisele, as I will soon be returning.

I read something the other day that was reflective of my process – “If you know me based on who I was a year ago, allow me to reintroduce myself”.

I had followed Gisele on social media for a number of months before I allowed myself to reach out. It was the June long weekend 2015 and this was my “story” – I felt like my marriage was over, I was failing as a mother, I was running a business that, while successful, felt like so much stress (for which I blamed my husband), I was working for my husband’s business (and which, in my eyes, I felt had to take preference to my goals – again, I blamed my husband for this), I took on everyone’s problems, I refused to allow myself to deal with my feelings around traumatic events that had happened in my past, I made choices which meant financially, we struggled, I had to constantly “save” people, I was addicted to the drama of family relationships, I was a MARTYR!

From that very first phone call with Gisele, I knew I had to work with her. I was sick and tired of my own “story”. I had such a strong need within me to escape my reality that I needed someone to point out to me that I was, in fact, creating that very reality I was trying to escape.

My 12 months with Gisele not only gifted me the most wonderful, lifetime friend and mentor, it also changed my life. It was not always an easy process. It involved hating some of what Gisele had to say and completely changing the way in which I reacted to almost all situations. It involved huge steps forward and then sinking back into my “story” because it was familiar. It was safe. I sought safety in the unsafe of my previous reality. BUT, Gisele was always there to guide me back to my true, authentic self. She helped me to realise that when I am truly authentic, those around me will completely reflect me. I was, and am, the evolutionary leader of my little family.

This is me now – I have a strong, loving marriage that is more open than ever before, I am becoming the mother I have always wanted to be, I started a new business that, although not my final calling, is thriving, I continue to work for my husband’s business (and I LOVE what we are creating together for our family), I no longer try to rescue others – I care and show love and support, but it’s not for me to tell people they are wrong – each individual person must be ready and willing to release their “story”, I see those past traumatic events in a completely different light – they now guide me instead of weighing me down, I don’t choose drama – I choose love and contentment. I am becoming my true self!

I know without a doubt that this is only the start of my process. The past 12 months have set me on my journey to achieve my true purpose, to help others and to be the strong, loving mother that my children deserve.

Gisele, I cannot thank you enough. There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to you. This is only the beginning!

Natalie S

Solicitor and Business Owner

I am awed to have had the opportunity to work with you as my coach for almost the last 12 months. You have helped me to see myself more clearly. You have helped me to see the gifts I have to bring. You have helped me to understand how I can directly connect to realms that I did not know were possible for me.

At times there was such darkness and shame arising in me, but I know now those were my times of biggest expansion. You held such a safe and reassuring space for me in those moments – showing me that shame was my expansion emerging.

The vision I have of myself, of what I am capable of, of who I am here to be in the world is so much larger because of you. Already I have the most incredible people coming to work with me. I’m taking this work into organizations and already have state government commissioners and key influencers attending. I know that that is because of the power within me that I have accessed through working with you.

I’m immensely immensely grateful for the gift of you beside me. Thank you for your love and total nonjudgement of me in every moment, that has provided the safety and the space for this expansion. I am now connected to who I am here to be in an ever expanding way that was not possible before working with you.

Thank you for helping me to see.

Shari Elle





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