The Wholehearted man

A man becomes even
more powerful when he
embraces his humanity.
He is free to live a life of
no regrets for himself
and the generations that
follow him.

Henry Thoreau once said “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.

I have a vision.

In this vision, we will witness the dawn of a new truth about the mass of men.

It involves a responsibility we have to our men and creating change
in relation to how a man values himself.

In current constructs, our world measures your worth by what you achieve. Our world defines you
by the practical, functional roles and responsibilities that you are duty bound to deliver.
You must be strong, capable, self-controlled, and vulnerability is seen as weakness.

But you are more than your job, your career, how much money you make, what you achieve,
how ‘successful’ you are, the outcomes you effect.

In Australia, six men per day take their lives. 75% of suicides in Australia are men.
Women find it easier to be vulnerable. Three women to every man ask for support.
But you being vulnerable, that’s a different story.
And you being vulnerable in the presence of other men, well that rarely happens.

Welcome to the Wholehearted Man – A 6 week program
for men who are ready to seize the transformative power of embracing their humanity for the
purpose of living a life of fullness, freedom and joy; a life of no regrets.


  • You are ready to love and value the whole of you by embracing
    your humanity, your emotions, stories and belief systems.

You are ready to experience the freedom, growth and new vision
borne from that. You are ready to commit to what matters most.

  • You are ready to experience the premise that you, free and able
    to be in your humanity, your greatest joys, meaning and purpose,
    is not to the detriment of your masculine power, but in favour of
    being even more powerful.
  • You are ready to be a mighty powerful man, leader, husband,
    father, son, brother, friend, colleague, neighbour, human.

    You are ready to experience your wholeheartedness and the game
    changer that it is.

    You are ready to open to the profound ripple of impact that will result from the decision to love and value yourself beyond any roles and responsibilities from which you drew your worth.


  • And for some, you are ready to actively lead this profound ripple
    of impact in your family, your business, your areas of influence.

Some of you will be present to the pain of living
a compromised life, the lack of connection with
those whom you most love, things
unacknowledged, unspoken, a feeling of
incompleteness and unfulfilment, caught in the
duty bound trap of success (and failure)……and

And others will have already moved beyond this pain and feel that there is more growth, more meaning, more love to be and give, more influence, an even deeper ripple of impact… that in some ways you’ve hit a ceiling and are inspired to open to a whole new level of wholeheartedness

So, how will we do this?

We’ll spend two full days together in

Sydney 17 & 18 October at the Zen Collective, Brookvale

This is not a typical workshop 100% of the time filled with 100% of pre-planned

content. You already well know how to do logic, plans, structure, practicality
and functionality and so all of that will be asked to take a back seat. Our
‘strategy’ instead will be presence, intuition, curiosity, emotion, vulnerability,
humility, love, self-value, boldness, compassion, intimacy, connection, going
beyond yourself, fun, authenticity and innovation (even if you don’t yet know
how to).

After the two day workshop, you’ll be asked to continue to be present and
committed to being a wholehearted man in the whole of your life. Things will
unfold. Profound things. That is inevitable. Having a 6 week container will
ensure this.

Over the following five weeks, we’ll have one group call, one 1 on 1 session and
a final celebratory group call at the end of the six week program. For maximum
results, this is part of the program and non-optional. Group calls will be held on

Your investment in this program is AUD$1450 payable upon registration. You
will receive a tax invoice labelling the program as ‘professional development’ as
all areas of your life will be impacted.

To register for this program, please complete the registration form below

A little bit about me

I’m an Intuitive Business Coach and I help people live profitable business’ and lives. Let’s just say it’s a
spiritual experience.  I work with already successful and accomplished people who have hit their own
ceilings and are called to enter a period of renewal and innovation. I call those whom I coach ‘immaculate
partners’, soul contracted people if you like who have the courage to detach from former identities, roles and
achievements and enter into new levels of freedom, fullness, joy and impact.

I’ve been coaching and facilitating programs since 2004 and have worked with many people who have been in
chaos, failure, disappointment, disillusionment, regret and shame and through the multidimensional
conversation we have, they experience ‘quantum results’; results that defy conventional methodologies and
expectations and have a deep ripple of impact onto family and business systems. These results include highly
profitable businesses, deep, purpose-filled career and life transitions, renewed and unconditionally loving
relationships with Self and others including loving marriages that had formlery been strained, and healing from
depression, anxiety and psychosis.

I entered my own period of renewal in September 2018, and from a multidimensional experience with my late
father, I became hugely empathetic to the pain of an unfulfilled life that comes when an identity is based
foremostly in being the financial provider. Thus the Wholehearted Man was borne, a vision that is non optional
for me not to facilitate, and is certainly the cave that I fear to enter the most.

Prior to coaching in 2004, I worked in human resources for 13 years, my last position being that of a senior
human resources directorship role.

I look forward to partnering with you on this 6 week program if your heart calls you to do so. It will be a great
privilege to share this conversation with you.

Gisele Gambi

Connect with me

+61 412 935 500
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