What does the General Manager of a luxury hotel, the Managing Director of an International Architectural firm, the successful Small Business Owner and the Start Up Co-Founder in full acceleration all have in common?

They’d all experienced ‘success’. Yes. And yet they all choose to expand – again.


You couldn’t say that they were playing ‘small’, as is the question that is often asked of people seeking expansion.

Rather, expansion beckoned as Life became too small for THEM, for their impending capacity.

They felt a dissatisfaction as what once filled their cup no longer did.

A ‘what’s in it for me’ self-focussed why, and a rational, linear, rule and protocol based one dimensional relationship with Life had become too small for them – for their capacity to create and influence beyond their personal worlds and beyond the current conversation of the world out there.

Their intuition spoke to them of a cavernous sense of unfulfillment and with that whispered words of new creation, of creation bigger than them, sometimes naked in the eye of another and yet magnanimous to their inner sense of Self; creation that inspired an elevated conversation and an evolution in leadership, in business, in relationship, in life that not only would impact them, but others and others and others and so on…..

And so they listened. They watched. And they received, knowing that what created their past had at times no value in creating their future.
Their process became not about working with models they learnt or adopted or adapted or implemented as previous growth had depended upon.

Rather, their process became one of remembering; remembering their innate and perhaps forgotten or unseen capacity that enabled them to have an ever present, intuitive and multidimensional relationship with Life (rather than simply seeing what is rational and obvious and being sourced by a consciousness that created the past).

The ‘model’ was no longer outside of them in what they learnt from others and what strategies they employed.

Instead, THEY became the ‘model’.

Their leadership was no longer about a one dimensional role or job title. Leadership became a way of being, of innate trust and intuition, of knowing, of seeing, of faith, of creating; the result no longer simply being about them and what they would personally gain, but how it would elevate a conversation and experience of Self and Life in service to others, to their community, to their family and beyond.

Let me just say that these people, who previously had not trusted and second guessed themselves, who’d compromised themselves in power games and politics, who’d treaded carefully due to the risk adverse rules that had been passed down to them generationally or societally, coming to a place of knowing that all is within, that they are the ‘model’, this created one massive exhalation.

As I heard so perfectly described in a brilliant comment to a recent post, I bow down to these people and others not mentioned here, for ‘being at the front line in our dimensional shift’.





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